Ashok Kurien's 70th Birthday Party Was Nothing Short Of A Scene From 'The Great Gatsby'

Karishma Govil , 05 Feb 2020
MissMalini With Ashok Kurien
MissMalini With Ashok Kurien

Who doesn’t like parties, yes? What if I told you, I recently attended the grandest party of all times? Yeah, you’re probably wondering how badly I may have exaggerated this statement. But the truth is, it really was an unimaginably extravagant affair. Ready to know the deets? Well, it was the advertising genius, Ashok Kurien‘s 70th birthday party on 25th January. Here’s everything that went down…

A little bit about Ashok Kurien

Before I tell you all about the party, let me tell you a little about the man himself. Ashok Kurien is a legendary stalwart of the advertising space in India. He is the co-founder of Zee Entertainment Television and many other major ventures. He was also the genius who came up with the iconic ‘Taste The Thunder‘ campaign for Thums Up years ago. There’s so much more to him than what I’ve mentioned now, but it’ll take a lot than just a page to describe his accomplishments. So, let’s go straight to the par-tay!

What went down at Mr. K’s 70th?

The theme of the party was ‘Circus Of Life‘ and he was basically bidding goodbye to “69” *wink wink*! The entrance looked like a classic circus tent and took me back to my childhood! As soon as I entered this tent, I thought I’ve entered a scene from The Great Gatsby. The only difference was, I actually knew the host! So, let me paint you a little picture. I accompanied Malini Agarwal and our usual suspects to meet Mr. K, and it was really easy to spot him thanks to a man on stilts right next to him holding a board that said, ‘Find The Host Down Here‘. And this man followed him around the entire night in case it’s tough to spot the host. But that wasn’t the most epic part of the night. There were so many photo opps—one as soon as you enter, there was a larger-than-life lion display where Malini and the gang took a billion pictures (obvio) and a giant Ashok Kurien clown-like sculpture of his face. OMG, I’m not done yet. There were jugglers, acrobats, clowns, mimes and performances by an Elvis impersonator and other a capella groups too. He also managed to showcase all the milestones of his life in the most glorious way too. When asked why he chose this theme, he said,

Life is a circus and I’ve been the clown!

But here’s something that really melted our hearts…

Not only did he throw the most lavish party in town, but he and his wife Rachel also made our hearts melt with the gesture that followed. He kept the entire circus decor and paid for the location for an extra day just so he could host 350 underprivileged children for a circus show the next day that was followed by lunch.

I believed Trinity Entertainment when they said it took them 4 months to plan the greatest party ever only after I attended it. And it’s safe to say, Ashok Kurien really has raised the bar. And big props to Trinity Entertainment for pulling off what seemed like one of their most magnificent projects ever.

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