This HONY Thread Needs To Be Turned Into A Hollywood Movie Immediately

Alisha Fernandes , 07 Feb 2020
Bobby & Cheryl Love Humans Of New York (Source: Instagram | @humansofny)
Bobby & Cheryl Love (Source: Instagram | @humansofny)

I’ve been feeling tremendously overwhelmed by the internet these days, what with the protests in India, fires in Australia and most recently, the coronavirus global emergency. And the thing is, this is only the stuff that makes the news. There is so much more going on out there that doesn’t even make it to the headlines. This is why it is absolutely essential that you disconnect and decompress when you can, but when you can’t, you also need to balance the kind of content you consume. Feel-good stories and heartwarming content have become chicken soup for the soul that you absolutely need.

Scrolling through my feed last night, I came across a picture post of a super suave-looking elderly couple that was captioned as an 11-part series on Humans Of New York (HONY). “Imagine a story that needs to be told in 11 parts!” I thought to myself. That in itself got me to start reading, and I am convinced that this story is Oscar-worthy fo sho! The cliffhangers at the end of each post are just too much!

And if anyone is paying attention, even Jennifer Garner was gripped, so I’m definitely in good company. Keep scrolling for all the feels and the story of Bobby and Cheryl Love:

Part 1 – Introducing The Loves

Part 2 – The Revelation

Part 3 – The Backstory

Part 4 – The Build Up

Part 5 – The Turning Point

Part 6 – The Rebirth

Part 7 – Starting Over

Part 8 – His Side

Part 9 – Her Side

Part 10 – The Truth

Part 11 – Forgiveness

This whole story got me thinking about the happenings of a person’s life, how some people can sadly become a victim of their circumstance and most importantly, about love and forgiveness. While the story and build-up itself is quite gripping, what got me was Cheryl Love sprung into action and decided to choose love and forgiveness. Even more, how she understood that forgiveness meant that you leave the past in the past if you have any chance of actually moving forward. I loved that.

This story has a little bit of everything that makes for a captivating read and I love how well Brandon Stanton, the man behind the page, Humans Of New York manages to capture the fact that real-life people have far more interesting stories than anything that fiction can cook up because of the depth, feeling and complexity behind every one of them.

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