New Mommy Kalki Koechlin Names Her Daughter Sappho And Shares A Heartwarming Note

Shubanka Sridhar , 10 Feb 2020
Kalki Koechlin; footprints of her daughter Sappho (Source: Instagram | @kalkikanmani)
Kalki Koechlin; footprints of her daughter Sappho (Source: Instagram | @kalkikanmani)

Kalki Koechlin became a mother to a newborn baby girl on Friday night, the 7th of February, 2020 and we were super excited for her and her boyfriend Guy Hershberg! Right as we were waiting to get a glimpse of the baby, Kalki took to her Instagram to post a picture of her daughter’s foot imprints and announced her name to the world — Sappho.

Such an adorable picture, such tiny feet, no? She shared the news with her fans, but at the same time very sweetly mentions that her daughter had spent ‘9 months wrapped up like a mom inside her uterus’ and that she needs her space now! She also writes about how pregnancy and delivery is not easy and that so many women are not given the credit and support for going through such a physically and mentally challenging phase.

Have a look:

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Please welcome Sappho. Born 07/02/20. She just spent 9 months wrapped up like a momo in my uterus. Let's give her some space🌬️ Thank you for all the good wishes and positive energy pouring in. And respect to all the women who go through the intense and gruesome experience of birth, be it vaginal or c section, so many of whom are not given credit or support for the biggest challenges they face, but are expected to do it out of some kind of duty. The process takes a huge toll both psychological and physical and should have the backing of an entire community to truly heal. And a reminder to each and every human being of where we started, being formed from tiny molecules to conscious, beautiful beings. We are survivors of the biggest battle, the one for life and existence, and should treat ourselves and others with that love and respect. "Some say an army of horsemen or infantry, A fleet of ships is the fairest thing on the black earth, but I say It's what one loves." ~Sappho~ circa 600BC

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Such a great thought, isn’t it? Got to love Kalki for always being conscious and aware of the bigger picture of humanity.

Talking about her pregnancy, we were one of the very first people to break the news to everyone and she spoke to us at length about how she is preparing herself for motherhood and that she would love to have a baby girl.

Well, that worked out just as planned! We can’t wait to see Kalki step into her new role with the same ease that she does in her film roles, no? And can’t wait to catch a proper glimpse of baby Sappho now!

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