Valentine’s Day is a couple of days from now, and if you’re anything like me, you leave the gift shopping till the end. Oops! While this holiday is a bit of a hit and miss with most peeps, I think it’s a cool way to show your loved one that you are thinking of them. While flowers and chocolates are the usual go-to gifts, why not spice it up a notch this year? Sharing some DIY ideas is me, a single gal, who back in the day dabbled around with such things. Here are 5 tried and tested DIY ideas that you have to try out this Valentine’s Day:

1. The Photo Album

Now, hear me out before you dismiss this as an“anyone can do this” idea. Depending on how long you have been together, make a photo album of the timeline of your relationship. Include major milestones, such as when you first met, your first date, your first kiss, your first vacation together, etc. Also, add photos of the same adjacent to these milestones along with a heartfelt paragraph talking about your feelings!

2. The Coupons

Another fun gift idea (which is totally free!) is to make a selected number of coupons and gift them to your partner. He can decide when to use these. Whether you make it sweet and innocent or sultry and sly, it depends on you! From promising to do the dishes one day to giving him a full body massage, this is a gift every guy would love.

3. The Flipbook

I’ve done this before, and trust me, it has to be my favourite gift ever! If you know someone who is good at illustrations (or you’re good yourself!), then don’t hesitate to make a story of your lives together. Whether you do it on paper or on the computer is up to you, but this animated book will surely be a hit. What’s more, printing it out can be done by yourself at a store (and it’s not that expensive!). A flipbook will do the trick as well!

4. The Date Jar

In particular, this gift idea is for those couples who are indecisive when it comes to where to go on dates and always end up at the restaurant around the corner. Why not switch up your dates from the local deli to something cooler? All you have to do is take a few dozens of ice cream sticks, paint them and write down all the date ideas that you and your boyfriend would love to do. Some ideas include:

  • picnic in a park close by
  • going out for a midnight drive
  • cooking dinner together
  • at home movie night (his choice)

5. Open When Letters

Who doesn’t love reading sappy, romantic letters, amirite? And as macho or non-emo your boyfriend might seem to think he is, everyone is a soft-hearted romantic on the inside! Depending on whether you are the nature of your relationship, you can write letters based on the situation. If you’re in a long-distance one, then a couple of “Open When You Miss Me” will do the trick. If you live in the same place, but your relationship sees a lot of ups and downs, then “Open When We Fight” seems like it, no? All jokes apart, this is a very sweet and kind gift that any boy would love.

Which DIY gift are you excited to make this Valentine’s Day? Let me know!

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