High school is one phase in every person’s life where you either have the best or the worst times of your life, amirite? It’s the time where we all grow up, explore and learn more about ourselves. Class of 2020 is all about that and much more. Created by Vikas Gupta, this series traces the lives of the students from De Nobli High School who are a potpourri of different characters. It explores how the choices they make when it comes to love and desire creates a range of complexities and dilemmas in their lives and how they deal with it.

Be it the Mean Girls’ duo, Raanchi Das Gupta (Joyita Chhaterjee) and Aalia (Isha Chawla), the ‘supposed’ cool gang consisting of Hardik Thakker (Sushant Tanwar), Ibrahim Noorani (Rohan Mehra) and Tanmay Badwe aka Toto (Alam Khan) or the studious and strict student, Priyanka Alhuwalia (Chetna Pande), we see all the different type of students in this class, each with their own unique personalities and quirks. From bunking lectures to being there for your friends and hitting on your crush, it’s all things school life is made up of. But apart from that, there are so many issues like anxiety, peer pressure and addictions that these students get intertwined in which is depicted well in the series. What makes this an entertaining watch is how each character has a specific back story where we understand why they are how they are. Their families back home also form an integral part of the narrative that adds more to the story. I for one especially enjoyed Swapna Waghmare as Hardik’s grandmother who was so cute!

We felt that each one of us would have seen at least one of these characters in our own classrooms and here’s 5 characters from this show that could remind you of them:

The Cool Gang


You know those boys that think they are super cool and try to be all macho around everyone else? That’s Hardik, Ibrahim and Toto. Hardik’s the shy one who craves for old school love, Ibrahim is all about maintaining his casanova image and Toto, well, he is the funny one who tags along with the other two in the gang. But as the show progresses, you realise there’s more to them than that.

The Mean Girls

What’s a high school class without the mean girls’ group, right? Raanchi and Aalia are the typical bitchy mean girls from the outside, but inside, they are just two girls who are learning to love themselves and stick by each other.

The Famous Kid

Well, if not as famous as Ronit Rana on the show, we are all aware of that one person who everyone knows because of their Instagram! Yes, and when it comes to dating the cool kid on the block, can we blame Raanchi for being possessive about Ronit?

The Studious Kid

Priyanka Alhuwalia is that one girl in class who is followed by a ‘booo‘ every time she stands up to someone not following the rules. She is a strong and super focused student who is like the conscience of the whole bunch, calling out the ones who are straying. While she does present herself as the no-nonsense girl with no time for emotions, we realise she is just a girl who wants to be loved as the show progresses.

The New Girl On The Block

Having a new girl join the class is always an exciting time for all the boys in the class, right? Especially if she is as hot as Zoey D’Souza (Nibeditaa Paal). It’s fun to see all the boys go gaga over her, while she falls for Hardik.

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