Video: Neha Dhupia Documents Angad Bedi Getting Ready For His Knee Surgery Post An Injury

Shubanka Sridhar , 12 Feb 2020

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are one of the cutest couples on the block and their Instagram is proof enough, right? And what’s a partner if they don’t hype each other up, even while the other one is going through a tough time, no? Yeah, Neha is the perfect wifey as she cheers for her husband as he goes to surgery in this latest video.

Angad was shooting for his next film, MumBhai at Mazgaon Docks in South Bombay when he busted his right knee during an action sequence. Almost a month post that, Angad has finally decided to undergo surgery and is seen in quite the jolly mood. He is calling it the #AngadsKneedy vlogs. In a video that the actor posted on his Instagram, he is seen being strolled in for the surgery while Neha Dhupia is by his side. He says that he is all set to come back stronger and fitter and more dangerous after the surgery! Neha also quips pointing out how he has been starving for 8 hours and says it’s the longest he has gone without food. She even caresses the wrong knee, and Angad laughs it off, saying he still loves her.

Have a look:

The actor is currently in surgery but it’s indeed so heartwarming to see him put on a smile and joke around even with all the pain. Neha being the super cool wife also makes it easier, we are sure. Get well soon, Angad!

Ah, right in time for Valentine’s day and such cute couples just make it harder for the single peeps out there, don’t they?

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