The most romantic day off the year is around the corner. We can almost see the red balloons and roses being set up at restaurants, and couples are planning some really cute romantic dates for each other right about now. Gifts are being bought, champagnes will be popped, and this made us really curious to know what our favourite influencers are planning to do on Valentine’s Day! So, obvio, we asked them. Wanna know what they’re planning? Scroll away!

1. Aashna Hegde

My plan for Valentine’s Day is to celebrate it with my friends, they are my current valentines. I will mostly watch a movie and have a chill night.

2. Aditya Narayan

My valentine’s day plan is quite simple. I will be going for a meal and then a movie, but with who? You’ll never know.

3. Zoeb Khan

Well, this Valentine’s day I am being forced by my friends, who are a couple to babysit their dog and their 3-year-old son so that the couple can go out on a date. Things your friends make you do when you are single.

4. Ritu Agarwal

I would probably spend some quality time with my girl gang!

5. Sahil Salathia

My plans for valentines day are none as of now, to be honest! Boring. Haha. I am in New York and would be here during the Valentine’s day as well, so, I am gonna take it as it comes. I have a great feeling about the Valentine’s Day though. Fingers crossed. 🙂

6. Malini Agarwal

First, I’ll be attending Lakme Fashion Week, and then, I’m gonna come home and Netflix with Bae.

7. Vishal Pandey

I don’t think Valentine’s Day as a concept really works for me personally, and somehow, I’ve always been single on this day lol. So, I think, one day isn’t enough to show your love. Why express it only on that day and not other days? Love should be expressed every day, to your partner, friends and family. My love is 365 days strong! Also, I won’t be celebrating this day, in fact, I’ll be working and shooting. And the reason is that on this day last year, were the Pulwama attacks, so I really don’t feel right celebrating such a traumatic day.

8. Sahil Khattar

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and coincidentally, my friends getting married on the same day, so I’ll go and indulge in those festivities. Just because anyone is single, doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We love our friends and support them in every endeavour, so to be happy in their happiness (his wedding) while doing naagin dance is also a way to celebrate “Valentine’s Day”. Basically, we just have to find love in hopeless places just like Rihanna 😉

9. Mrunal Panchal

My Valentine’s Day plan is firstly going to the temple and praying for people who suffered from the Pulwama attack last year on this day. Back home, however, I will be creating a Valentine’s Day look for my audience. And lastly, I will be going out on dinner with all my friends. It’s a group date!

10. Abhishek Bajaj

I am gonna celebrate this day with my friend because he’s getting married!

11. Aadil Khan

I will be super busy and focused on work, so won’t really have time to go on a date.

12. Amaan (@TheSoboGuys)

A nice quiet date with the one that matters the most to me in one of the most romantic restaurants in Mumbai overlooking the pool.

So, now you know what these talented and hardworking content creators and influencers are up to on the most romantic day of the year—Valentine’s Day! What about you? Tell us what your plans are for this day in the comments below! Also, happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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