Bigg Boss 13 must’ve come to an end with popular television actor Siddharth Shukla winning the trophy. But controversies related to the show are far from over. From the very beginning, fans of the show have been pointing out that the channel is partial towards certain members inside the house. Namely, Siddharth Shukla. If you’ve been following the show closely enough, you would know that fans were majorly divided into two groups. One routing for Siddharth and another in support of Asim Riaz.

The show obviously ended with Siddharth as the winner and Asim as the runner up, but many weren’t happy with the result. In fact, a Twitter handle that claimed to be a part of the creative team of Colors TV revealed in a series of tweets that both Asim and Siddharth got equal number of votes but the channel announced Siddharth as the winner.

Check it out:

This particular Twitter user who claimed to work at Colors also said that she was quitting her job because she didn’t want to be a part of a fixed show.

A lot of people on Twitter were of the same opinion and started using the hashtag – #BoycottColorsTV.

Following this debacle, the Colors TV handle released an official statement staying that this particular Twitter user wasn’t a part of the organization and denied any wrongdoing on their part.

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We still don’t know the actual truth, but the video that Feriha shared from the control room is pretty hard to not take into consideration.