Growing up as a sibling is hectic, annoying and how! I am occasionally blamed for most of her mishaps and I have to parent a child that I didn’t make. While having a sibling is a pain at times, it really is a blessing in disguise. You have someone who has gone through the same situations as you have. In any case, despite the fights over each other’s wardrobe and the last slice of pizza, having a sister can change your life for the better.

According to a new study, people who grew up with a sister are more likely to be happier! That’s a fact, mates. Compared to those who didn’t grow up with a sister. At Leicester’s De Montfort University and Ulster University in Northern Ireland, around 570 people aged 17-25 participated. The participants answered psychological questions spanning across to various topics, including mental health.

The research concluded that participants who grew up with sisters were able to communicate about their emotions openly, which enabled them to look at life through a more optimistic lens.

Speaking to Mirror in an interview, Professor Tony Cassidy (the researcher) said,

I think these findings could be used by people offering support to families and children during distressing times. We may have to think carefully about the way we deal with families with lots of boys.

To my sister, if you’re reading I don’t know what to say, except for—you’re welcome!

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