We’re all pretty much aware of the saddening circumstances in Syria. And in the past few weeks, Idlib—a city located on the Turkish border of north-west Syria, has been a hot target of constant bombings. So far, about 21 civilians have been killed due to the Syrian Air Force strikes and their Russian allies, as per The Guardian. Being a parent in such cities with continuous horrific incidents and bombings can be extremely stressful and scary. You would want your kids to have a happy childhood and grow up in a safe environment. And one such father in Idlib is doing what he can to give his 4-year old daughter a normal childhood.

He taught his daughter to laugh whenever they heard a bomb drop, like it was a fun game, as per News18. A heartbreaking video of them playing this ‘game’ was shared on Twitter by a journalist. Honestly, the girl’s innocent laughter broke my heart. Here is the video.

Twitteratis reacted to this video saying how sad and heartbreaking it is to live in a world like this. Here are some of the tweets that exactly spoke our minds.

Mixed feelings.

So much respect for the father.

Worst kind of game to play while growing up.

Cannot imagine what must be going through the father’s mind.

We all need to learn and unlearn a lot of things. And while we’re at it, let’s make sure we do our bit to make this world a better place for the kids to grow up in.

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