Sara Ali Khan is one of the most talked-about new-gen actresses in B-town. Not only has she been lauded for her performances but also for her quirky and fun off-screen personality and relatable social media. The actress who was currently on a promotional spree for her recent release Love Aaj Kal met up with comedy group East India Comedy for a chat and spilled some tea on her life. Along with revealing that she gets in trouble with the US airport authorities for her drastic weight loss, she also talked about one narration she had to sit through that she wishes she hadn’t. Talking about one of the most memorable narrations that she had, she said that while she’s had five that she loved – three that she has featured and two films in line.

Talking about a weird and funny narration she had to sit through she said:

There was this one time, I’m not going to say much, because he said so much. I went to the restroom with my phone, three hours in, and I told my mother, ‘Mom, I know that we are all professional and we should be thankful for these opportunities and thank god and wow, I’m a good girl, but can I pretend to have a cardiac arrest? Is that allowed?’ She said ‘no, you cannot’ so I said, ‘Should I faint? Should I throw up? What do I do? Can you say something?’ and then she told me that I have to go back with professionalism and continue till the end.

She further added:

Anyways, five and a half hours later, I’m at my home, and I told my mother, ‘I really just hate you, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to hear anything. I just want to sleep.

The 24-year-old actress refused to reveal the director’s name and just said it was a man. This candid behaviour of the actress is why we love her even more.