Only a true pet parent knows of the numerous ways in which fur babies add joy to life. Loving an animal is like building a relationship based on true unconditional love. Pets give a hundred per cent return towards the time, energy, emotions and money that you invest in them. They are true friends and don’t judge. They only understand the language of emotions.

It is just amazing how these cute munchkins get a whiff of your mood and state of mind before anyone else does! Pets are loyal, filled with innocence and compassion. Remember Hachi from the movie Hachiko? One of the most heartwarming real-life stories, Hachiko showcases how the faithful Hachi looked for his master at his regular spot at the train station, every single day. This went on for nine years after the master’s demise! This movie represents the relationship between a pup parent and a pup all around the world.

Dog and cat under a plaid by Gladskikh Tatiana |
Dog and cat under a plaid by Gladskikh Tatiana |

Here are 4 reasons why everyone should consider adopting a pet and giving him or her a great home to live in.

1. Pets Are Mood Lifters

There are times when we feel like nothing is going quite right. Certain circumstances in life can make you feel low as if it’s all tumbling downhill. Whether we are dealing with heartbreak, family drama, stressful job, nursing a loved one or simply feeling lost off the beat, pets can instantly uplift one’s mood and spread the cheer. Just by being their loving and playful self, fur friends know how to get attention and distract their human from worries of life. A warm greeting from your fur buddy when you enter the home after a long day is simply delightful!

2. Pets Give Unconditional Love

If you are a pet parent, sure you are guilty of a quick light slap or yelling given to your naughty little fellow. Some pets need punishments during their training phases, especially during those potty-training sessions! Some teething pets scratch furniture or dirty the bed linens. Scolding is a natural reaction. But you may have noticed, in a short period, these fur babies will run back to you and give oodles of unconditional love. They forgive, forget and spread love vibes irrespective of the occasional mean behaviour they may receive from their human!

3. With A Fur Friend, You Are Never Alone

Loneliness is a real killer. It is one of the major causes of mental depression. Once you adopt a pet (or vice-versa), you are never alone. Animals not only spread joy but also never leave your side. They instantly connect with your mood and are always around to make you feel better. The to-do list associated with pet care can also keep you thoroughly engaged depending on how deep you are into it. There are psychological benefits associated even with the chores that are to be done while nurturing a pet friend.

4. Pets Are The Best Stress Busters

Pets top the list of anti-stress agents. Their presence alone is said to be a great stress buster. It is scientifically proven how pets lower the blood pressure, increase feel-good hormones like oxytocin, decrease stress hormones like cortisol and substantially reduce anxiety levels. Pets are the best playmates for human beings across all age groups. They lighten the mood and help brighten dullest moments.

Angel by Mrinal Bhat
Angel by Mrinal Bhat

If you plan to adopt a four-legged friend, ensure you investigate your personal circumstances— if it is fit enough to take up additional responsibility. In the end, pets are rightfully compared to babies. You can consult your family physician for allergies and general advice. If your situation is apt to welcome a fur friend, all we would say is that it is absolutely worth it.

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