As part of a campaign called Good Morning World initiated by Tourism New Zealand, Kiwis (the beloved name given to residents of New Zealand) are wishing the world good morning every day for a year. Taking advantage of the fact that the country is one of the first to see the sunrise each day, they send across welcome messages to people from all over the world. Spanning across the entire country, from the north island to the south island, more than 300 Kiwis are featured in the videos that include dramatic morning landscapes from some of the most stunning and breathtaking destinations in New Zealand. In a global gesture of welcome, the locals are friendly while they encourage visitors to come to see their home country.

Here are a few of our favourite Good Morning World videos:

Day 1: Northland

Day 3: Kaikoura

Day 4: Hobbiton

Day 22: Wanaka

Day 228: Waiheke Island

The campaign ‘100% Pure Welcome – 100% Pure New Zealand’ urges us to visit New Zealand. We celebrate early mornings here in India, with yoga (Surya namaskar), for example, denoting a new day— one full of hope and life. Therefore, the Good Morning World campaign gels well with our identity of who we are as people.

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya speaks fondly of how the next time he is in New Zealand he will make sure to swim with the dolphins!

Fellow cricketer, KL Rahul mentions that jogging around the Auckland waterfront tops his usual boring workout in the gym. And we’re in total agreement!

In all, this campaign has me sold! As an avid traveller myself, I cannot wait to explore the islands of New Zealand and encounter the bold and beautiful landscapes for myself one day. Kia Ora, New Zealand!

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