What Is An Elixir? And Do You Really Need To Add Another Step To Your Skincare Routine?

Natasha Patel , 25 Feb 2020
Face Elixirs by Elena-Grishina | www.shutterstock.com
Face Elixirs by Elena-Grishina | www.shutterstock.com

Ever since I can remember, my love for beauty only was only about hair and makeup. However in the last 5 years my interest for skincare peeked which had me researching about product ingredients and names I would have never even thought existed. Looking back at the vitamin C and E basics I was reading up about, I’ve just realised how far the beauty (more so skincare) industry has come. From formulations to textures to packaging and payoff, skincare is a booming business and all you can do is sit and enjoy the ride, amirite?

Now I’m sure you’ve read or heard about maybe “trendy” skincare words like essences, acids peels and so on… But have you ever wondered if and how they can benefit your skin? I do all the time—I mean it’s only my job so… duh! And while I may not agree with all the skincare fads including products and treatments nowadays, I like to jump right in and figure how beneficial it can really be.

Off late I’ve been receiving products that look like serums, are packaged like a serum, but not so quite a serum at all—Elixirs. Now if you look up elixirs, this is what you’re going to get;

Thesaurus Elixir
Thesaurus Elixir

But skincare elixirs are a whole other ballgame.

Since elixirs are a concoction of things put together, skincare elixirs contain various oils. They’re usually a mix of herbal plant extracts, and sometimes contain other ingredients like HA and ceramides that benefit the skin. Depending on the concoction and mixture, these elixirs help heal and nourish the skin to give you a fresher clearer and brighter texture.

How do you know which one to choose?

It’s a known fact that one should choose a product that fits your skin’s needs! Like the same way one uses a cream or serum, dry skin calls for a heavier elixir. One should also look at the ingredient list when choosing this product. Although it’s all-natural and equipped with HA, you can choose elixirs that target certain issues with specific ingredients.

How does one incorporate them into their routine?

Elixirs, while they may seem very much serum-like, they’re not because of how they’re formulated. They’re thinner than serums but thicker than a toner, which is why they should be applied right between those two steps. While you can use it in the day, I’d suggest to start slowly first and use it at night to test it out on your skin. There are also some elixirs that can be used in the day, under your makeup—like a primer of sorts.

So essentially your night-time routine would be:

Here are a few you can test and start out with:

Nuskay Illuminating Elixir (Source: www.nuskay.com)
Farsali Rose Gold Elixir (Source: www.nykaa.com)
Ras Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir (Source: www.rasluxuryoils.com)

Do you own an elixir? If not, would you invest in one?

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