Exclusive: 'If You Do Something In Your Language and It's Accepted Globally, It's The Best Feeling' — Guru Randhawa

Shubanka Sridhar , 26 Feb 2020

When it comes to Punjabi music, especially dance music, we can’t go without mentioning Guru Randhawa right? Right from Suit Suit Karda to Lahore, he is one guy who can whip out a super hit at the back of his hand! But ask him if he ever thought there was a moment where he felt he has reached, and he says he still feels he hasn’t reached.

He just came out with his latest collaboration with international singer Jay Sean called Surma Surma. Picturised in Jaipur on Guru, Jay and the beautiful Larissa Bonesi, it is directed by Gifty. This is Guru’s next single after Slowly Slowly ft. Pitbull to feature an international singer and I must say, he nails it every time. He sat down to talk to us about his experience making this song, his idea of music and how he looks at his huge fandom.

Ask him about his experience shooting with Jay and he says it was a blast and that he looks up to Jay like an elder brother. We must say, it translates oh-so-well in the music video.

He adds:

We had been looking to work together. We met for the first time in London and then in Birmingham a year ago. We tweeted a picture and fans wanted us to collaborate.

I ask him about how he is so great at making the whole collaboration and the beats look so smooth and easy, he says that it comes easily to him now and that he is always open to collaborations with whoever is interested in working with him. All the other artists, we hope you are listening.

From Suit Suit Karda to now collaborating with such International stars, Guru has had quite a journey

Speaking about it, he says:

It’s been great yaar. I feel like once you start doing something you love, and once people start accepting what you are doing, then there is no looking back. And that is what I am doing too. I have been singing since so long, and people are still listening to it with so much love, I feel I should give them more such music for them to listen to.

He has gained so much love and adoration from his fans all over in all these years, it can get quite overwhelming at times. I was hinting at the unfortunate incident he had to encounter at a recent concert of his, and he asked, “Oh, the one where I got punched?

I nod and he laughs it off, saying:

Who knows he loved me a little too much, he wanted to touch and show his love. It’s all part of the journey, and it’s okay. If he hit, you ask why and if he didn’t you’ll ask if I haven’t experienced anything like that. So, it’s fine. If they become your fans once, they get connected to you and will support you in whatever you do. But it is our responsibility to not misuse their love.

The whole experience of creating a brand new single can be exhilarating, but a beautiful experience. Of all the superhit songs he has made, I asked him about that one song he would like to relive all over again and he had a prompt reply to that — Suit Suit Karda. My favourite for sure. What about you guys?

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