One type of haircut that I’ve always wanted to experiment with but wasn’t brave enough to are bangs. Watching Zooey Deschanel rock her bangs on New Girl always made me want to book an appointment at the hair salon. However, I was never brave enough to bite the bullet and get bangs. Now that this haircut is suddenly back in style, I may have been pondering whether or not to get bangs again. If like me you’re also facing this dilemma, maybe these stunning pictures of different kinds of bangs will help you make up your mind:

1. French Girl Bangs

These types of bangs are usually thick, undone and they graze your eyebrows. Frech girl chic is all about being effortless; these bangs are just that. If you decide to go for this haircut then, ask your hairstylist to cut them in such a way that the bangs entirely lay across your forehead and graze your eyebrows (or whatever length you fancy).

2. Moon Bangs

This type is super edgy and has the power to transform how your face looks. Moon bangs gradually increase in length along the sides of your face. You can pair moon bangs with any kind of haircut, for example, here they’ve paired it with a shag cut, and TBH I really like it!

3. Classic Fringe

Fringe bangs were in the spotlight in 2019, and this trendy haircut is not going away any time soon. If you do decide to get this haircut, then have a talk with your hairstylist and be specific about what you want because there are many variations when it comes to this haircut.

4. Choppy Bangs

This type is my favourite by far! If you’re going to get choppy bangs like these, then you should ask your hairstylist to cut the bangs in such a way that they look wispy and frame your face. They make small foreheads to longer, and round faces look slimmer.

5. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are cut in a straight line, and they look prim and proper. If you want to experiment but still keep your look neat, then try getting blunt bangs!

Which type of bangs is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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