The digital world is booming and there are so many opportunities for everyone who wishes to be a part of it, which is great, isn’t it? Especially for influencers, bloggers and content creators, there’s so much to do! And each and everyone can find their niche and audience. Instagram has recognised the importance of budding influencers and microbloggers and has started a fantastic initiative to help them and guide them too. This initiative is a multi-city tour called #BornOnInstagram. If you’re an aspiring creator yourself, you’re gonna wanna know about this event. So, here are the deets!

What brought on the concept?

According to the platform, creators are a very crucial part of the Instagram universe. Since these creators make Instagram such an important aspect of their careers, the platform wants to essentially give back to this community by guiding them and helping them to grow. This 15-city tour will aim at onboarding many such creators and mentor them.

The last event was held in Hyderabad where creators could leverage many benefits such as one-on-one partner management, sessions on best practices of the platform, video storytelling techniques, mentorship by celebrated creators, create-together opportunities and other useful resources.

Let’s hear about it from the horse’s mouth

Here’s what Manish Chopra, Head of Partnerships, Facebook India had to say about the Hyderabad event,

‘Born on Instagram’ is a program that recognizes the creativity in content that we’re witnessing all across India – in big and small cities. Hyderabad is a great example because it represents the myriad passions that are pursued on our platform – food, fashion and technology. While we build on our strength of visual storytelling and launch innovative features for enhancing safe self-expression, programs like these will help us in further identifying and mentoring the next big digital content creators of India.

The upcoming event will be on 28th February in Kolkata at The Park at 1:00 PM. And here are a few creators who are gonna be there too.

If you’re in Kolkata on 28th Feb and are an aspiring influencer, you can register for the event here!

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