Exclusive: 'I Really Want To Act' - Malishka Mendonsa

Shravan Shah , 28 Feb 2020
Malishka Mendonsa

It’s been almost a decade that I have heard her on the radio. From talking about what’s happening in the city to calling out the civil authorities, Malishka Mendonsa has done it all. Yet today, she is one of the most talked-about personality who has done it all right from being an RJ to acting and is still experimenting. In 2017, when she made her acting debut, I was super happy for her and today three years later when I sat in her apartment in Bandra (which will give you major boho vibes, btw), she looks content.

Ask her if she’s happy with the way her journey has panned out and she says,

I am constantly looking at what new can I do, what new can I bring into this universe. I think a lot of people in this city are like that. Am I happy? That’s such a vast thing to say but relatively I may be happy but I don’t know if I am content.

And while I continue to listen to her on the radio every morning, she has now been a part of a Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi. Question her about how the show happened, and she adds,

Khatron Ke Khiladi happened last year in August, when I had gone diving to Andamans. I have to give my manger Sheetal, due credit for it. She was like “This show will come to you one day”. A couple of years she has asked me if I wanted to do it and it didn’t go anywhere. She loves the Fear factor jacket and she was like “You will do this show”, and I was like are you mad or what. Eventually, it all fell in place.

With so many things that are happening in her life, ask her one thing that is at the top of her bucket list and she immediately replies,

I want to go diving in peace. I keep saying that again because I know I’ll keep getting an offer like that again. I feel that whenever I go diving and I’m chilling, offers start coming to you. What I really want to do next is that I want to act. I want to put out a show about how the radio works. I really do! The radio has given us so much and I think it’s an underrated medium for things it can do and I have experienced it personally.

While she was every bit brilliant in Tumhari Sulu, Malishka wants to try her luck in the films. She has already proved her acting chops and doesn’t hesitate from giving an audition.

I d rather have to audition rather than someone saying, ‘Yaar we thought of you, phir humne socha ki tum audition nahi karogi phir nahi hua’, then what is the point. If you’re getting into a new industry you might as well give it all. Acting is something I enjoy doing and I really want to enter this terrain completely.

While she continues to astound me with her performance in every episode of the reality show, I am just waiting for her next surprise!

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