Last week, we had the lovely opportunity to meet the wonderfully strong Tahira Kashyap in person. The director, author, and mother of two joined Boss Lady Malini Agarwal for a conversation on her journey on surviving breast cancer. The interaction was important for another reason—to raise awareness about childhood cancer, and the support required for the survivors and their families. And what’s more? We invited 15 lovely ladies from Malini’s Girl Tribe to join us and be a part of this event at Yazu, Andheri.

So, What Went Down?

Boss Lady Malini Agarwal kicked off the event with a quick chat with Tahira, where they discussed her journey through breast cancer and how she kept herself positive through it. It was heartwarming to hear Tahira open up about her initial reaction to her diagnosis, the support she received from her husband Ayushmann Khurrana, and why she decided to make it her mission to raise awareness about early breast cancer detection. A moment that especially struck a chord was when Tahira shared about her mastectomy and the consequent breast reconstruction surgery. Her story was raw and real, and her candid, humorous take on it was downright inspiring. Kudos to her courage!

Girl Tribe Interaction

Next up, the lovely ladies of Malini’s Girl Tribe asked a few questions to Tahira, which she answered beautifully! Tahira spoke at length about her practice of chanting Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō—a mantra used within Nichiren’s Buddhism. Everyone then joined in to chant the mantra three times—making it one of the best moments of the evening!

All For A Good Cause!

Yazu had some lovely cocktails on offer post the Q&A, and 50% of the proceeds from the day were donated to Access Life—an organisation that provides supportive care to children undergoing treatment for cancer. Access Life also had a donation box at hand to help raise funds towards the cause!

Video Or It Didn’t Happen

Check out the video below to see the conversation between Malini and Tahira!

What are some of the practices that you follow to be positive through trying circumstances? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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