Video: Anupam Kher Urges People To Use 'Namaste' To Avoid Coronavirus Infection

Team Interns , 03 Mar 2020
Anupam Kher (Source: Instagram | @anupampkher)
Anupam Kher (Source: Instagram | @anupampkher)

Anupam Kher is unquestionably one of the most versatile and globally acclaimed actors. With an eminent acting career in the movies spanning from more than 500 films in several languages, the prolific actor enjoys a great number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I am a huge fan of his hilarious and interactive posts! He not only talks about films but he openly voices out his opinions on social and political matters too.

As we all know, the fear of the Corona Virus has taken over the world and spread like wildfire. With over 3000 deaths recorded worldwide due to the disease, the Bollywood actor took to Twitter to share an amusing video showcasing fans how they can stay safe from the virus. Kher urged on using the traditional Indian way to greet people instead of shaking hands.

In his video he said:

 Of late I am being told by lots of people to keep washing hands to prevent any kind of infection. I do that in any case. But also want to suggest the age old Indian way of greeting people called . It is hygienic, friendly & centres your energies. Try it.

The amusing video garnered a lot of attention from Twitterrati.

Check it out!

So now you know, using ‘Namaste’ is better than shaking hands; it’s hygienic, amiable and aligns your chakras! What are your thoughts, folks?

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