It makes our hearts full when celebrities, artists and influencers use the power of social media to make positive changes in the world. There are many influencers these days who are really making a difference like Jitendra Sharma a.k.a Ted The Stoner, Prajakta Koli a.k.a Mostly Sane and more. Another such example is Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a RiderGirlVishakha. She’s onto something spectacular right now and we’re super proud. She’s on a ride along the Narmada river to support the ‘Clean Rivers Initiative‘ as the river is extremely polluted currently. Here are all the details.

A little more about Vishakha

Vishakha is a YouTuber and is the first female Motovlogger of the country. She’s won two titles by the India Book Of Records that include ‘the first female rider to cross the Bay of Bengal’ and ‘ride across the Andaman Islands on her own bike’. She has more than 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 17 million views across her videos. Apart from that, she was also named the Fastest Girl On The Track At Vroom Drag Race 2016 and has covered the tough terrains of Leh, Ladakh region and Kanyakumari. Exhibit Magazine also featured her under the Top 10 Influencers For The Automobile Sector.

About Vishakha’s Sampoorna Narmada Parikrama

On 28th Feb 2020, she started off her ride from Mumbai to raise awareness about the ever-increasing pollution in Narmada river and to encourage more people to do the same Parikrama as her. Vishakha is supporting the ‘Clean Rivers Initiative‘ with the slogan ‘Save River Save Nation‘. Vishakha got to Omkareshwar from Mumbai on 28th Feb and is now on her way from Shahada to Rajpipala and from there to MithiTalai, then Garudeshwar, Dhani, Nemawar, Jabalpur, Amarkantak, Maharajapur, Hoshangabad and finally ending at Omkareshwar again completing the Parikrama on 7th March 2020 covering a whopping around 4600 km!

We’re so happy to see Vishakha crossing so many amazing milestones in her life and is making the country so proud by doing so. She truly is an inspiration to many and we wish her all the best for this entire Parikrama!

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