5 Ways To Make Your Workplace Women-Friendly

Dhruvi Modi , 05 Mar 2020


It’s 2020 so it doesn’t come as a surprise that women are shattering all sorts of glass ceilings and exploring and acing in previously male-dominated industries. While the seeds of equality have been sowed in the Indian corporate culture, we are yet to see its fruit. Undoubtedly, ensuring that the workforce becomes readily acceptable and women-friendly is our number one goal. And while we embark on this journey, we’re bound to face hurdles along the way. In order to ease the atmosphere and promote a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for women in the workplace, Hhere are 5 ways you can make your workplace more women-friendly:

1. Start At The Beginning

It all begins with recruitment! If you don’t recruit women, how are you supposed to promote them? Start with actively hiring women. Especially in industries such as IT and tech, women are often neglected. Don’t get me wrong: it is true that the best person should get the job, but sometimes personal biases and preconceived notions might get in the way. If your company must mandatorily hire a set number of female employees, ensure that they actually live up to this standard.

2. Equal Treatment Is A Must

It doesn’t just end with hiring women. The company must actively ensure that women-facilities such as separate washrooms, medical and sanitary equipment is provided.

3. Prioritise Their Safety

In a workplace that makes you work long hours, women often miss out on a great deal if they’re expected to go home before dark as opposed to their male counterparts. Consequently, they miss out on meetings and are less likely to be promoted and considered for a higher position. Now, that is not fair at all, is it? If you require your employees to stay after late, ensure that they have security staff on the office campus, and shuttle services for personnel who work late hours.

4. Introduce Anti-Harassment Policies At Work

A study found that 81% of women come across some form of workplace harassment at some point in their careers. This is an unacceptable number! Nevertheless, when the employees of your company face harassment, there should be systems in place to combat it. The women should feel safe and be able to trust that there will be justice. Strict consequences should be in place for those who take these rules lightly.

5. Cater To Those Married And/Or With Children

In India, a large percentage of women end their careers once they have children or are married citing long working hours and subsequent exhaustion. Organisations should introduce rejoining programs for new mothers joining the workforce post-maternity leave. Options to work from home and exercise flexible working hours will be helpful to mothers.

If you make sure to abide by these five golden rules, you’ll ensure a safe and women-friendly environment at work!

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