Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the first season of The Office came out? And to celebrate it in the most kickass way, one superfan can actually get paid for watching the hit sitcom for 15 hours. Isn’t this the best way to enjoy The Office a little extra?

A TV provider in the US called Dish recently did a huge announcement that it will give one lucky fan an amount of $1000 to watch 15 hours of the globally loved show.

Are You Serious?

Hell yeah, we are! As per the provider, 15 hours of the show equates to 45 episodes. But they haven’t mentioned which episodes will be included in this marathon that the lucky winner will have to watch, or if the winner gets to choose their own episodes of The Office.

The Deets:

  1. The lucky winner can complete the marathon from wherever they wish to.
  2. They’ll have a total of 9 days to finish all the 45 episodes. This is 5 episodes per day for 9 days.
  3. Apart from completing the marathon, the winner will also have to complete a checklist to count the frequency of some common tropes that’ll occur throughout the marathon in the episodes. Some of the examples listed on their website are ‘How many times does Stanley roll his eyes at the camera?’ and ‘How often does Phyllis talk about Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration.

But wait, there’s more. The winner will also win a swag bag of gifts inspired by the show—a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug, a Dundie award, a stapler, and some Jell-O! How cool is that?

How To Enter The Contest

For now, the competition is only available to enter for US residents who are 18 years old or above. But let’s hope they start to take in applications from other countries, including ours, soon! But if you have any friends in the US currently who are massive fans of The Office and wish to enter the contest, here’s how they can do it. They need to submit an application at and in about 300 words explain why they’re the biggest fan of the sitcom. They can also submit a video instead of the written application explaining the same. The deadline to enter this contest is 5 p.m. MST on March 16th.

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