'Ramayan' Actor Arun Govil Reveals That The Cast Was Offered Hefty Amounts For A Bold Photoshoot

Shubanka Sridhar , 06 Mar 2020


For most people who have grown up watching Doordarshan, the Ramayan serial every Sunday morning was a ritual they would not miss. For the lead actor Arun Govil, who played Lord Ram, this show gave him all the fame. But, just a while ago, he spoke about how that character had limited his opportunities as an actor because people only approached him for such roles thereafter.

Now recently, he just revealed on Kapil Sharma‘s show that he and the cast of his show that included Deepika Chikhalia and Sunil Lahri (Sita and Laxman on the show) were approached to feature in a sensuous photoshoot at that time.

He said:

While we were shooting for Ramayan, a lot of renowned magazines approached me and the other cast members to do sensuous photoshoots for them. They were so desperate that they were ready to pay hefty amounts of money for it.

He also added that they turned down those offers, and explains, “We believed that our audiences look up to and rest their faith in us. We could never take the chance of breaking their trust for money.”

Now, this is some revelation, right?

The trio will be seen on The Kapil Sharma Show shortly.

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