Let’s be real, all that anyone truly wants in 2020 is good Instagram game and healthy hair. 90% of any hair-related concern is about hair loss/fall and thinning, and something that everyone struggles with is how to “grow out thinning hair”. But before we give you the most basic, first-person solutions, we thought we’d get in touch with 3 experts for their guided help when it comes to healthily re-growing your hair.

Dermatologist, Jaishree Sharad suggests:

Iron supplement if your hemoglobin levels are low. Also, include Vitamin D3 and B12. A high protein diet complete with amino acids, biotin, calcium and omega 3 fatty acid supplements. One can even test for hypothyroid PCOD. Another major thing to avoid is heat to the hair with treatment like ironing, rebonding and straightening.

Hairstylist, Anchal Morwani:

When your follicle isn’t strong to hold your hair, it starts falling. Another big no-no is tying your hair too tight and not detangling your knots with care. As for the best hair cut, a layered cut is better because with the layers your hair won’t weigh down so much and cause tension at the root—which then leads to hair fall. Try therapeutic oils and massages once a week. Also, stay away from cysteine treatments as it causes a load on the hair shaft and because your follicle can’t hold that weight, it falls.

Trichologist, Karishma Manchanda:

Scalp hygiene is key. So make sure you’re clean of any dandruff, minor infections which occur as a result of dead skin build up over time.

Don’t forget to exfoliate. This helps skin cells to rejuvenate. Also, scrub your scalp with fingertip for 2-3 minutes each time you shampoo. Think of your scalp as an extension of your face. It accumulates as much dust and grime as does your face. Wash I more frequently with a mild shampoo. At least 3 or 4 times a week.

Karishma also mentioned in great detail the following:

  • Protection: against UV Rays and high temperatures cause direct damage to the scalp. Cover your hair when out in the sun. Do not wash hair with very hot water. This will preserve moisture. Do not use harsh chemicals on your hair.
  • Circulation: Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, essential for hair growth. Massage the scalp often.
  • Stimulation: Use a hair growth stimulant that activates follicles and pushes dormant follies out. Typically, Scalps have a minimum of 30-40% follicle that can be recruited back into the growth phase.

We hope this helps! Comment below if you’ve struggled with hair fall and what you’ve done to grow your hair back to health.