Today, we have so many bright and leading women entrepreneurs globally who are running huge companies and are killing it with their talent. It’s surely not an easy task and comes with great responsibility. It requires representing yourself at various places and looking presentable. And, that’s when your clothes play a huge role. However, to look and feel good, you gotta be comfortable in what you wear, right? Your attire has a way of shaping your identity and personality and also impacts your confidence. These 7 Boss Ladies have always put their best foot forward when it comes to fashion. They’ve undoubtedly made a statement not only through their work but also with the way they dress and made it their signature style. This International Women’s Day, take a look at these leading ladies whose style game is something all women can take inspiration from.

1. Falguni Nayar, CEO, Nykaa

Falguni Nayar is such an inspiration to so many women. She has started a huge beauty e-commerce brand and now her daughter, Adwaita Nayar has joined in growing the business too. If you’ve ever seen Falguni at events, you’ll know that she swears by her sarees. A saree is a timeless classic and it’s no big deal if you opt to wear it to your workplace. It adds a formal touch and looks so elegant. So, who here loves to wear sarees to work? If you’re one of them, then certainly take notes from the CEO of Nykaa whose saree game is always on point!

2. Masaba Gupta, Founder, House Of Masaba

Masaba Gupta
Masaba Gupta

Who doesn’t know ace fashion designer, Masaba Gupta? Apart from having a great sense of creativity when it comes to designing clothes, she has a very bold sense of style herself. She has always spread the message of body positivity and has encouraged women to never shy away from wearing what they love.

3. Devita Saraf, Founder And CEO, VU Technologies

Devita Saraf opts for a lot of formal and semi-formal, straight fit dresses. Her choice of clothing matches so well with her personality and she looks classy, always. All women must take a cue from her on acing formal dressing.

4. Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India

Anaita Shroff Adajania
Anaita Shroff Adajania

Apart from being Vogue India‘s Fashion Director, she also runs a styling consultancy called Style Cell and has some of the best celebrities from Bollywood being styled from their team. Talking about her style statement, I would say Anaita is super experimental and knows what suits her the best. She manages to pull off trends like a pro every time I see her. So, if you’re someone who wants to get in the game of keeping up with trends, Anaita is your go-to.

5. Sarah Todd, Restaurateur, Chef, Model, TV Presenter

The Masterchef Australia contestant has come a long way, right? If there’s anything else I love other than her delicious food, it’s her chic sense of style. Sarah Todd is so presentable and plays a lot with different trends. I usually see her in classic silhouettes or colourful, bold prints but one thing is there for sure, she seems to have fun with not only gourmet but also fashion.

6. Namrata Purohit, Pilates Instructor And Co-founder, Pilates Studio

On the days that you won’t see Namrata in her motivational workout videos, you’ll see her rocking the best of printed dresses. From wearing maxi dresses to formal ones to bright, easy-breezy ones, everything looks so gorgeous on this fitness freak! I would defs suggest taking some time off to check out some great dress styles on her Instagram feed.

7. Malini Agarwal, Founder, MissMalini Entertainment

Malini Agarwal
Malini Agarwal

And of course, we can never forget our very own Boss Lady, Malini Agarwal who has such an easy-going style. For someone who is always on her feet and requires attending events regularly, Malini always opts for comfortable silhouettes. She mostly wears high waisted trousers with tops, jumpsuits with stilettos, and loves her some pantsuits. She loves her skirts and dresses with pockets and doesn’t mind wearing bright colours to formal events. Her stylist, Rishika Devnani and team get full credit for bringing out the best in her with whatever she wears.

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