Video: Men Answer Sexist Questions

Suruchi Patwary , 09 Mar 2020

How many times as a woman have you been asked uncomfortable, stupid, sexist questions? We’re positive all the ladies have a huge list of it. But not a lot of these questions are ever thrown at a man. So, we decided to turn the tables and see how men would react if they were presented with some sexist questions that women are asked almost all the time. To watch how they reacted and responded to them, watch the video above!

Be it job interviews, meeting relatives after long or a first-date, there are so many better questions that we can be asked than these, TBH! And instead of asking for change, we say, let’s be the change! Let’s make sure we start asking better, more important and sensible questions to women. Because, if we don’t initiate the right conversations, how are we ever going to know each other’s true potential?

What did you think of this video and what’s the one question that you’re most tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below!

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