This Nail Account Has The Coolest & Classiest Manicures Ever!

This Nail Account Has The Coolest & Classiest Manicures Ever!

Natasha Patel

If you go to my Instagram bio, you’d see ‘nail art enthusiast’ right on up top. And while for some that’s a pretty ridiculous description, for me, it’s exactly how I’d describe myself. I’ve been a fan of nail art for as long as I can remember. But the term ‘nail art’ can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Take, for example, every Instagram feed you’ve ever come across on your explore page. There are always a few accounts that go for the “bling-bling” kinda nail art, and there are those that have on polka dots and cow prints. But not so often you see accounts like @betina_goldstein that completely captivate you with the sheer technique and talent aside from holding a nail polish dotting tool.

With over 237,000 followers, Betina Goldstein‘s drool-worthy and striking nail art has earned her the title of the coolest and most talked about editorial manicurist on Instagram. The self-taught artist started out in 2011 (by utter fluke) and now not only does the nails of many A-list celebrities for different editorial shoots but with these delicate manicures, she’s created a sort of minimalistic nail art trend that’s both subtle in finesse, yet bold and beautiful.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Truth be told, I can just go on and on, and on because her artwork is just so-damn good!

What are your thoughts? Are you into this minimalist nail art? If so, tag us me and @missmalinibeauty on Instagram next time you come across manicures like this!