The answer to what women really want is getting clearer by the day. When it comes to women-centric aspects, the gap between gender discriminatory social norms and the new age ideologies for a better life is narrowing down. This is also giving more clarity on how women expect to be treated in the modern-day and age. Thanks to digital media, feminist movements and mass outrage against misogyny have received widespread momentum and support.

Despite immense efforts put into the cause of uplifting women in various ways all around the world, several women still get unsolicited advice and anti-feminist comments every minute of the day. Body shaming and sexist comments are casually hurled around. There are several instances where doubtful assumptions are made about what women are capable of. From commenting on what a woman needs to do to look a certain way to assuming how she can’t drive as well, comments are floating freely in abundance. It’s high time that each one knows that things like questioning a woman on personal life choices, setting beauty standards, catcalling or throwing free advice on how she needs to conduct herself, is not okay anymore.

Team MissMalini presents this awesome video to bust the myths and spell what women want, quite clearly! Go ahead and watch how these beautiful women strongly stress on what works and what doesn’t. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, do share your experiences with regards to being at the receiving end of such comments which don’t go down well with you too.

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