With the rapid spread of coronavirus around the globe, the majority of offices and companies have been issuing work from home to their employees. And while it may sound exciting to be working from home, it can get boring after a few days. I have been working from home for the past two weeks too and honestly, I’ve never wanted to go to work so bad. I miss being around my work friends, taking breaks with them, talking to people and just being around people in general. And if you too have started working from home or will do so in the coming week, here are my two cents on how to stay sane while working from home. Cause we’re not sure how long this situation will last, so it’s best to gear ourselves up for it, noh?

1. Go Take A Shower FFS

Trust me, it’s tried and tested! Just because you don’t have to be present in front of your colleagues while working from home doesn’t mean you wake up and start working as it is. Make sure you follow your everyday personal routine before starting your work. Always take a bath, have a hearty breakfast and then start with your tasks for the day. This way, your mind feels fresh and you don’t feel like napping every half an hour.

2. Separate Work From Home

Choose a space in your house that you’re comfortable working in. Now think of it as your office and make sure you always work in this dedicated space at home. This way, every time you enter this space, your mind will know what you’re there for—to work! It will automatically change the state of your mind from ‘I am at home’ to ‘I am at work’.

3. Grab A Good Chair

You might think lying down on your bed would be a comfortable position to work in. But, guess what? It’s TOO comfortable. You’ll never be able to take your work seriously while balancing your laptop on your tummy and typing. So, go grab a comfortable chair instead and sit up whenever you’re working from home.

4. Take Breaks In Between

Now, when you’re working from the office, you take lunch breaks, walk breaks, water cooler breaks, etc. Then why change it when you’re working from home? You need to give your mind some time to digest what it’s just done. Take a stroll in your house, fill some water in your bottle, just anything to get up from that chair every hour for 5-10 minutes at least.

5. Know When To Stop

Losing track of work time while working from home is common. Which is why you need to set a proper schedule for how many hours you would be working. Sure, you can have a bit of leeway when working in the comfort of your home, but make sure you don’t end up working till late into the night. Set defined hours when you’re working and when it passes, stop working.

Although this could be a different kind of shift to adapt to, it is in our best interest to not risk spreading the virus by going to crowded places like our offices too. Stay safe and make sure to follow basic hygiene in these tough times of the Coronavirus pandemic. And also, don’t go insane staying indoors!

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