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While the global panic around the coronavirus continues to rise after the WHO finally declaring it as a pandemic, social media gave us another piece of information that left us all in shock. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson was tested positive for Covid-19. The actor took to his Instagram page to let the world know about all their symptoms leading up to getting tested for the disease. He cited mild symptoms like body chills, aches, and tiredness. The couple was down in Australia for some pre-production work of Tom’s movie based on Elvis Presley. In his first post that showed a pair of gloves in a dust bin, he stated that while they were in quarantine, for now, they will keep the world posted.

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Keeping his word, Tom did give us an update with a picture of him and Rita still in quarantine saying they are taking it one day at a time.

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Their son, Chet Hanks also gave the world an update on his parents’ health saying that he talked to them and they weren’t even that sick but they were strictly following all precautionary measures as everyone should.

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We wish both Tom and Rita a really speedy recovery and thank them for keeping the world updated. Sending you all the positive vibes from this side of the world.