Start Your Day With This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Start Your Day With This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Suruchi Patwary

Smoothies for breakfast is the perfect start to the day, no? You get your first dose of nutrition for the day, it’s fruity and so filling! And my obsession for smoothies had me spending a big chunk of my salary on it. I knew I couldn’t give up on smoothies so I thought of learning how to make them at home myself. And what better recipe to start with than one by Chef Rakesh Talwar of The Terrace, A Maiden Affair. He shared his recipe for strawberry smoothie bowl and it’s so easy and simple, even for a beginner. Scroll down to check it out!

What You’ll Need

Strawberry, 80 gms

Yogurt, 40 gms

Maple syrup, 15 ml

Vanilla, two drops

For Garnish

Almonds, 10 gms

Fresh strawberry, 2 pc

Granolas, 15 gms

Puff rice cereal, 5 gms

Here’s How You Can Put It All Together

Step 1: Blend together all the above ingredients in a food processor to a smooth consistency.

Step 2: Pour in a bowl.

Step 3: Top with almonds, fresh strawberry, granolas, and puff rice cereal.

And, you’re done! A healthy, delicious blend of fresh strawberries with yogurt topped with nuts and granola, to kick start a healthy day is ready.

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