The Simpsons have predicted some major world events long before it happened. So, it doesn’t come as a shock that it had predicted this Covid-19 pandemic back in 1993. The episode shows Springfield being hit by an abnormal flu from Japan called Osaka Flu.

The showrunner Mike Reiss shared a video from the 21st episode of 4th season saying ‘ The whole Simpsons predicted it’ thing is silly, but the Simpsons.

A lot of things that are happening in the real world right now is eerily similar to what is shown in the episode. This particular episode shows Homer, Marge and the rest of Springfield getting addicted to juicing and ordering blenders from Japan.

But those assembling the blenders get hit by the Osaka flu and manage to spread it to the residents of Springfield. Panic buying groceries and other essentials is one of the most important things shown in the episode that is similar to our current real-life situation. It even shows kids with symptoms be asked to stay at home.
It even showed super-wealthy Mr.Burns slopping off to a special bunker where he plans to rest out and enjoy the epidemic in isolation. This is very in line with how the rich are going off to isolated lavish islands to self-isolate in luxury.

What’s more? Turns out the 2007 Simpsons movie also predicted Tom Hanks‘ self-isolation. Other than that, it had also predicted Donald Trump becoming president.

How eerie is that? Would you like to know more such events and incidents that The Simpsons predicted? Let us know in the comments below.