Shaheen and Alia Bhatt in London | Source: @ShaheenB Instagram |

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt recently turned 27 and decided to celebrate it in a low-key fashion with her sister and her two best friends. Earlier this week, her elder sister Shaheen Bhatt had posted a TikTok of all of them doing the hand emoji challenge. In a recent video uploaded on Alia’s YouTube channel called AliaBe, she does the Sister Tag with Shaheen and they spill some secrets about their relationship and their childhood. It’s a super fun video to watch.

In the video, you can see the sisters on swings while they talk about each other. Alia then reveals that there was a brief period in their childhood when they didn’t get along.

She said:

I think we had a brief period where we did not get along at all. But I think every sibling goes through that.

Shaheen further added that:

I think it was also because of our age gap. There is a very large age gap between us. There was a time when Alia was very young and I was a teenager so obviously there were all these little annoying things that you don’t want your little sister tagging along with you.

As the answer to a question, What did you fight the most about as children?

Shaheen says:

I used to bully her, honestly.

But Alia interjects saying:

No it was not bullying, she used to lock me up in the bathroom and put the lights off. Alia also revealed that she can only go shopping with Shaheen and nobody else. How sweet, right?

Watch the full video here: