Dermatologists are your skin’s doctors. And just like you’d go see one when you get sick, you need a professional-looking at when your skin becomes sallow or itchy, or dry. Because even with the most thought-through skincare routine, external factors like the air, heat and humidity can play a role in what happens to your skin. In times like this, where summer is slowly starting to loom its nasty head, Prevention is better than last-minute cure, right? So, I spoke to Delhi-based dermatologist, Dr. Kiran Sethi about what we can do to save our skin from sudden breakouts, blemishes and just dull skin this summer. Here’s what she had in mind:

#1. Take a closer look at your face wash

Look for face washes that unobstructed your pores. Washes should contain salicylic acid and niacinamide to help prevent those blackheads and whiteheads.

#2. Deep cleanse your face

Try and opt for charcoal or multani mitti masks to deep cleanse your pores once a week. This also dries out that excess oil build-up.

#3. SPF! SPF! SPF!

Wear a hell of a lot of sunblock! But try changing to a gel based one so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. like acne uv gel or restrata uv blue.

#4. It’s okay to say no to moisturiser

Stop using your moisturiser if you feel greasy. This

usually this means that the product might not be compatible with your skin, and/or it’s not doing it’s job of penetrating into your skin very well.

#5. Up your vitamins

Use antioxidant serums or gels with vitamin C and ferulic acid like Sesderma Hidroquin Gel to protect against sun damage and keep sun spots at bay.

#6. H20! H20! H20!

Up your water intake! Drink 7-8 glasses of water. You can even have nimbu pani with salt as it’s actually better at hydrating you than normal water. But just make sure you drink more!

#7. Post-workout skincare

The minute you finish your workout, just hop into the shower. Taking a hot shower right away is the best way to prevent body breakouts. And once done, pat dry, moisturise and change into a pair of fresh cotton clothes!

What’s your skincare routine going to be like this summer? Comment and tell us!