At a time where the city’s transportation could be shutting down for precautionary measures, offices sending out mandates to their employees to work from home and almost everyone else practising social distancing, our minds can play tricks on us. But this isn’t about freaking out and causing stress and worry, it’s about making the most of what you got! And I’ve been sitting around the house working from home in my pyjamas keeping my cool because I am living that self-quarantined life! And so should you, friends.

Since we’re all going to be spending a lot of our time at home (self-quarantining or not) we still have emails to read, work to do and daily lives to carry out—just not in the same way as we normally would do it. But WFH can be a bit of a bummer, right? Sticking to a schedule, I’d say is pretty important to keep your sanity. But just because you’re working on official stuff doesn’t mean you have to dress the part, right? That’s the beauty of a WFH. Wearing your PJs and being the comfiest ever!

But perhaps a pair of stylish but comfortable pyjamas would make those Skype meetings with the office feel a lot chicer and less homeless, ya’ feel? So, scroll down and check out a couple of stylish yet comfy PJs you’ll want to be spending your quarantined time in!

Marks & Spencer Satin Floral Print Pyjama Set (Source:

H&M Patterned Night-shirt (Source:

Shein Satin Cami Top With Shorts PJ Set (Source:

Marks & Spencer Short Pyjama Set (Source:

H&M Zebra Print Satin Pyjama Set (Source:

Marks & Spencer Floral Print Pyjama Set Source:

Shein Vertical Stripe Contrast Binding Satin PJ Set (Source:

Dandelion Dreams, The Lunatic Pj Set

Which PJ kind are you? Long sleeve? Spaghetti top or a night-dress kind?

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