A still from the short film Going Solo
A still from the short film Going Solo

How often have you, as a woman, stood up for your own happiness and put your dreams before someone else’s? As easy as it may sound to say, it is something many women are still learning to do. Solo, starring Nargis Nandal, is a story of one such woman who decides to go on a solo bike trip and rides on her own path, discovering her love for herself again.

The film stars Arjun Aneja who plays Nargis’s husband in the film. The short starts with Naina (Nargis) riding her bike through the highways. When she makes a quick pitstop, she runs into her ex-husband, Arvind (Arjun) who is also a biker. Directed by Ambar Chakravarty, the story is about how she realises that it took a lot of strength to take charge of her life and liberate herself from her failed relationship. She revisits her past, rethinks the love she lost but another that she gained, for herself and decides to go the rest of the way on her own – solo.

Solo has been getting a lot of appreciation and shoutouts from many women in the industry — from Sayani Gupta to Mahie Gill. Inspired by this film, they all took to Twitter to share their #GoSolo moments.

Have a look:

1. Sayani Gupta

Sayani Gupta's Tweet - Going Solo
Sayani Gupta’s Tweet – Going Solo

2. Shahna Goswami

Shahana Goswami's Tweet - Gong Solo
Shahana Goswami’s Tweet – Gong Solo

3.  Mahie Gill

Mahie Gill's Tweet - Going Solo
Mahie Gill’s Tweet – Going Solo

4. Flora Saini

Flora Saini's Tweet - Going Solo
Flora Saini’s Tweet – Going Solo

These sure are some great stories of going solo from such strong women, right?

If you haven’t caught the movie yet, watch it here!