Remove Gel Manicure At Home

Under normal circumstances, I would never suggest anyone that they remove their gel manicure at home without the help of a professional. If the removal is done using the wrong methods (like peeling), then you can end up severely damaging your nail beds. However, due to this pandemic that is Covid-19, it’s imperative that we all stay home to protect us and others. Social distancing FTW! So if you need to remove your gel manicure, don’t step out of the house! Here’s how you can remove it with minimum damage from your own home:

What You’ll Need:

Even though peeling off your gel manicure is super satisfying, resist the temptation. Peeling the gel manicure from your nails can severely damage your nail neds. Here’s the equipment you’ll need to remove your gel manicure at home safely:

  • Nail filer
  • Nail cutter
  • Acetone
  • Cotton balls
  • Foil paper

Here’s How You Should Remove It:

Now that we have established that gel manicures shouldn’t be removed by peeling let’s talk about how they should actually be removed. Here’s a simple 4-step process that will help you remove your gel manicure safely:

1. Cut Your Nails

Before you start the process of buffing the gel nail polish away, start with cutting your nails to the desired length you want. This step is especially crucial if your nails are brittle because when you start buffing your nails can bend which may end up damaging your nail beds. So start by cutting your nails to your desired length.

2. File It Down

After you’ve cut your nails, start filing down the gel nail polish till it’s a very thin layer. When you’re filing, make sure you file it in one direction instead of a zig-zag method.

3. Soak In Acetone

After the gel nail polish is in a thin layer on your nail bed, it’s now time to soak your nails in acetone. So take the cotton balls and soak them in acetone. Place these acetone soaked cotton pieces on each of your nails and wrap foil paper around them till the tips of your fingers are completely covered. Keep these on for twenty minutes.

4. Scrape It Off

After it’s been twenty minutes, remove the foil and scrape the gel nail polish off from your nail beds with the edge of your nail filer. If the surface of your nail bed is still uneven, then file your nail bed gently, till it’s even and you’re done!

Optional: You can use a buffing block to smoothen your nail bed even further. This will improve the texture of your skin.

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