Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to be kettled to their homes. Social distancing has become the new par of the course, yet there are a number of people who are still brushing aside the importance of social isolation. In this difficult situation, our B-Town stars are doing their best to spread awareness and positivity through sharing pictures and videos on social media. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan also took to social media to appeal to his fans in his own witty and creative attempt to beat the deadly virus.

SRK posted an over 5-minute long video in which he concocted some of his iconic scenes and songs to insist to take all the possible precautionary measures to fight the bad-boy in town. Right from self-isolating which he did in the movie Zero, up until avoiding any other person who coughs just like he did in the movie Main Hoon Na, the actor gave us all the necessary tips through his movies. Since the King Of Romance’s, movies involve a lot of touching, he insisted to avoid at all costs during the outbreak.

Here’s The Video

He Also Said

InshaAllah #JantaCurfew will help against the spread of the virus, though we may have to do this again. The clapping brought so much cheer. So a reminder of safeguards, with some cheer… Pls, take it in the right spirit. To all relentlessly working today – Extremely Grateful. Thx!

Recently, Shah Rukh also shared a video, urging people to cooperate with the officials and do not gather in crowds.