3 Essential Oils That Will Calm Your Nerves And Soothe Anxiety

Eesha Kokane , 24 Mar 2020

Thanks to the modern lifestyle that we live, anxiety is something that all of us face. Even though the levels of anxiety may vary, it’s something that we all deal with. In fact, some studies suggest that people are more anxious now more than they’ve ever been. Visiting a professional and getting a proper diagnosis is always the best thing to do if you’re consumed by your anxious thoughts. In addition to that, you can also try alternative therapies like aromatic therapy. Essential oils are useful for several reasons and helping you calm down is one of them. In a research paper by the Journal Of Clinical Oncology stated that patients who received aromatherapy massages reported an improvement in their anxiety. So without any further ado, here are some essential oils that’ll help you calm your nerves and soothe anxiety:

Note: Remember not to use essential oils directly on your skin. Mix appropriate amounts with carrier oils.

1. Lavender

Lavender essential oil is probably the most popular essential oil used in aromatherapy. Since it has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it’s a great option when it comes to anxiety relief. I had a good experience when I used lavender essential oil. The soothing aroma was comforting and pleasant. The best way to use lavender essential oil is in a diffuser, massage oil or a roll-on.

2. Orange

The zesty aroma of orange essential oils may help reduce anxiety. The oil is obtained by crushing the orange rinds. According to a study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2012, inhaling the scent of orange essential oils showed activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for decision making. The best way to use this essential oil is in a diffuser.

3. Rose

A study by the IRCMJ in 2014 carried out an experiment where women in labour experienced an aromatherapy footbath. The research suggests that the anxiety scores before and after the footbath were different. So if you want to try out this floral essential oil, try using it in a diffuser or in the form of a candle.

Rose Essential Oils For Anxiety

Which one of these essential oils are you going to try out next? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. make sure you consult with your doctor before you try any new product.

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