We all went a little bit crazy when the Friends cast took to Instagram to announce their special, hour-long reunion that’ll release on HBO later this year. But when I caught the drift of the recent news that there is a monopoly board game with the Friends theme, I was so ecstatic. Oh. My. God (Janice style) As a hardcore Friends fan, I have a long list of fun Friends merchandise. And I absolutely would love to add this game to my collection.

The Friends Edition varies from the original Monopoly because this doesn’t involve any purchase or selling of properties.

Instead, players have to buy the various iconic moments from the TV show. For instance, the squares include, ‘Monica Gets a Roommate’, ‘Ross’ Teeth’, ‘Phoebe’s Gets Married’ and more. All these squares feature real-life pictures from the particular scene to help you remember exactly what happened. When you land on any of these iconic moments, you can make a decision if you want to go ahead and buy it or not. Similar to the ‘Income tax’ square on the original Monopoly game, if a player lands on ‘Central Perk Tab’, they will have to pay a certain fee as well.

Speaking of landing on places, the game pieces are really unique to each individual Friend. You can play as Monica’s chef’s hat, Rachel’s handbag, Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Ross’ dinosaur, Joey’s pizza box and Chandler’s sweater vest. How cool, no?! Players will also be able to invest in or trade sofas and coffee mugs as well.

The board game came out in the UK in 2018, however, wasn’t released in the US until this year. While we eagerly wait for it to be available in India, you could have it delivered and sent over from a relative in the States (cus we all have that one aunt there, don’t we?). Friends Monopoly is exclusively available on Amazon for $24.99 here.

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