3 Calming Podcasts To Listen To If You're Anxious Because Of Coronavirus

Dhruvi Modi , 26 Mar 2020
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As someone with anxiety, the past few days have had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Listening to the news every now and then about the uncertain future has made overthink a lot of things. While I practice different techniques to calm myself down (check out my top 5 ways here), I’ve realised that the world standing still for a few weeks has me on a different level altogether. So, I decided to give podcasts a shot. Now, I have a long list of amazing podcasts that I listen to a lot, however, this situation called for an entirely new list! Here are 3 podcasts that have helped me feel more zen during this time:

1. If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping: Nothing Much Happens

What: Creator and host Kathryn Nicolai describes this podcast perfectly: “Welcome to bedtime stories for grown-ups, in which nothing much happens, you feel good and then you fall asleep”.

Where: Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

2. If You Want To Feel Mindful: Untangle

What: A collection of interviews with thoughtful and provocative guests who share their true and heartfelt experiences with regards to all things mindfulness.

Where: Apple, Google, Soundcloud and Spotify

3. If You Need To Heal: The Calm Collective

What: True to its name, this podcasts sees mindfulness blogger Cassandra Eldridge share her experiences with her audience and let us know that we aren’t alone in whatever we’re feeling.

Where: Apple, PlayerFM, and Google 

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🎵 SOUND ON I had the profound honor of interviewing life coach and worthiness mentor @madisonhedlund last week, and to say that I’m still beaming from the inside out from our conversation is the understatement of the century. This human is such a light; so wise, warm, and vulnerable. In this episode, she offers us deep insight into her own personal childhood traumas and programmings which has brought her to where she is today — helping women to heal from the inside out by rediscovering who they’ve always been: worthy and valuable. Madison unravels self-worth within abundance and relationships, and provides rich insight when it comes to living out our values, and thriving in our personal and professional lives. This is not an episode that you want to miss — it’s a personal favorite. 🖤 You can follow through to the full episode by heading to the link in my bio, and listen either on iTunes or Spotify. x

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If you have any recommendations, let us know below!

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