Oh, to be a kid again at this time! Having the liberty to be blissfully unaware of the existence of a virus that is engulfing us. That is Karan Johar‘s kids — Roohi and Yash Johar — right now. For them, it’s all about seeing more of their parents and having more time to play at home and being treated to some lollipops!

But Karan wants his kids to know what is happening around them and quizzes them if they know about coronavirus. Them just being kids, are not really in a mood to answer, and instead, fool around with their dad! They reply saying they know George and Peppa Pig – both animated characters! Karan sure is amused by his kids’ responses and shared it with all his fans.

Have a look:

Aren’t they so cute?

Seems like he is loving all the time he is getting to spend time with them because of the lockdown! He recently posted a video of them clapping during the Janta Curfew. He also posted a video of them colouring. If there is one upside to the curfew, it has to be that parents are getting to spend so much quality time with their kids, right?