5 Steps That'll Make Decluttering Your Makeup Drawer A Breeze

Eesha Kokane , 27 Mar 2020

Decluttering Makeup

Even though the world is on lockdown and everyone is bummed out and anxious about it, there’s one great thing we’ve all received because of it—time. Now that all of us have to stay at home mandatorily, we can finally do all those chores that we used to put off doing. When it comes to decluttering, we all must’ve probably said, “I’ll do it when I have more time”. Well, guess what, now all you have is time. Recently I decided to pull up my socks and declutter the area of my room that I dreaded cleaning the most—my makeup drawers. Being a beauty junkie, I used to have dozens of makeup products lying in my drawer, and I refused to throw them. However, after coming across Marie Kondo‘s show on Netflix, I felt inspired and finally decluttered my makeup drawer. If you also wish to do the same, then here are six steps that’ll make your task easier:

1. Do It In One Sitting

Even though it may be overwhelming to declutter your makeup drawer all at once, the best option is to do it in one sitting. You may feel lazy later on and decide not to finish the task. So it’s better to dedicate a few hours of your time for this process.

2. Start Fresh—Empty It

To completely declutter your makeup drawer, the first step is to empty it. When you don’t start fresh, you’ll just end up shifting things around instead of actually decluttering.

3. Dump Everything That’s Expired

Did you know that the shelf life of mascara is just three months? Yet most of us ten to use it for more than the recommended amount of time! This can not only cause irritation but in some severe cases, it can cause infections too! That’s why pay close attention to the expiration date on your makeup products.

4. Six-Month Rule

The six-month rule will change your life and revolutionise the way you declutter. If you haven’t used the makeup product (or any article of clothing too) for more than six months, it means that you don’t need in your everyday life. So make some extra space in your drawers and dump the products you don’t use.

5. Store By Categories

One thing that will make finding the product that you want easier in the future is sorting your makeup products according to categories. So store all your makeup products according to these categories—eyes, base, lips and tools.

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