Niall Horan has to be one of our favourite heartthrobs that released his latest album a week ago. Trust me when I say this, but I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Just one of the many things I’ve been doing this sombre time at quarantined at home. His latest album serves as an ode to ex-lovers, future ones and those in-between romances you’re never quite sure of. The second studio album by the ex-One Direction band member is all things poppy and upbeat. Here are my favourite lyrics from the album that serve as perfect Instagram captions!

For You And Bae:

  • It can be so lonely in this city, but it feels different when you’re with me – Heartbreak Weather
  • You, that’s what I’ve been missin’ – Heartbreak Weather
  • Yeah, I see us in black and white – Black And White
  • In all your gorgeous colours I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life – Black And White
  • You asked, when did I first know, I always knew – Black And White
  • And there’ll never be another – Black And White
  • Oh, I see the moon in her eyes – Small Talk
  • I got love for you – Nice To Meet Ya
  • ‘Cause you’re the only one I need, to put a little love on mee – Put A Little Love On Me
  • It’s your world I wanna live in, it’s your ocean I wanna swim in – Cross Your Mind
  • It’s your show and I’m just watchin’ – Cross Your Mind
  • Every second is about her, every thought is wrapped around her – New Angel
  • Didn’t know what I’ve been missing, ’til you walked in like a vision – New Angel
  • Barefoot and a bottle of wine, you can stay with me tonight – No Judgement
  • You’re the one I want to wake up to – San Franciso

For When You’re Heartbroken:

  • Feels like you don’t even know me, just me and the stars can get lonely – Dear Patience
  • If I pour my heart out, can you keep a promise? – Dear Patience
  • I just called to say that I miss you, babe, wonder what you’re doin’ now – Bend The Rules
  • ‘Cause on paper, you don’t break them, but it hurts so bad the way you bend the rules – Bend The Rules
  • I pour myself a glass, it won’t be the last – Bend The Rules
  • We came down ’cause there was nothing holdin’ us – Put A Little Love On Me
  • I’ve still got so much love hidden beneath this skin – Put A Little Love On Me
  • Is it wrong that I still wonder where you are? – Put A Little Love On Me
  • Last night I lay awake, stuck on the things we say – Put A Little Love On Me
  • Baby, won’t you give me back what you took apart? – Arms of a Stranger
  • You left me with nothing, now I’m lyin’ in the arms of a stranger – Arms of a Stranger
  • Now I’m lying in the arms of a stranger, but why do I think of you? – Arms of a Stranger
  • No matter what I give, it’s not enough, but I guess I’m holdin’ onto you still – Arms of a Stranger
  • I just don’t know why, stars won’t shine at night – Still

For When You’re Feeling All Sorts Of Emotions:

  • She’s got the wrong crazy – Small Talk
  • We’re walking on wire, but nothin’ feels higher, when I see that look in your eyes – Small Talk
  • Tell me what you want because you know I want it too – Small Talk
  • Every time I turn around, you disappear – Nice To Meet Ya
  • You’ve known someone for a long time, but you never really know who they are – Arms of a Stranger
  • Feels like the world locked us on an island, an island without waves – Everywhere
  • I see your face in people I don’t know – Everywhere
  • Leavin’ me in pieces, but I swear it’s worth it every time – Cross Your Mind
  • Each time I close my eyes, she’s in there running wild – New Angel
  • I’ll keep your secrets safe, until the time we both find ourselves alone again – No Judgement
  • Drunk dialin’, full dive in – San Francisco
  • We should be shooting for them stars of gold – Still

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