Lisa Ray Plays Dress Up With Her Twin Girls To Bring In Navratri

Shubanka Sridhar , 27 Mar 2020
Lisa ray's twin girls; Lisa Ray (Source: Instagram | @lisaraniray))
Lisa ray’s twin girls; Lisa Ray (Source: Instagram | @lisaraniray))

This period has been tough on all of us because of the multitude of negative and upsetting news that we are engulfed with on a daily basis. The COVID-19 pandemic has truly taken over our lives and conversations. So, reading the smallest little positive and happy news is sure to brighten our day. Just like these pictures of Lisa Ray and her twin girls celebrating the festival of Navratri!

It was the first day of Navratri yesterday and though they were quarantined at home, Lisa didn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate the festival. She played dress-up with her girls — Soleil Ray-Dehni and Sufi Ray-Dehni in traditional Indian attires. One of them wore a pink Maharashtrian saree while the other wore a red lehenga choli!

Have a look:

They are the cutest little buttons, aren’t they? So nice to see that Lisa isn’t letting the current environment dampen her family’s spirits and celebrate the festival with all heart!

She also documented how her kids are getting accustomed (or not) to the whole COVID-19 situation. She posted a picture of them sitting next to each other and captioned it, “Speculative distancing. C’mon. How do you expect twins to practise social distancing?

Check out the picture:

But they sure are following rules to wash their hands the right way as advised by the WHO. Have a look:

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Public service announcement from the Ray-Dehni’s… 🎶Wash, wash, wash your hands🎶 And yes, mama dressed Soufflé in Lehnga-Cholis because our clothes finally arrived in Singapore(our new home) from Mumbai (after an almost two month delay!) and in those two months the world has tilted so far on its axis, we have become those people who don’t wait for big occasions to set out the expensive china, if you know what I mean (carpe diem!) This way, we can be instructional and unbearably cute while not disregarding the reasonableness of hope. Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN YOUR HANDS! Lemme hear ya! #coronaloopy #inthistogether Update: many of you have pointed out, the tap ideally should be shut while scrubbing to conserve water 🙏🏼 we as a family normally do our bit, but we got a bit carried away today while filming. Happy so many are conscientious enough about water conservation to point this out 🙏🏼 stay safe. Be kind.

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Lisa married husband Jason Dehni in 2012. They became parents to the twin girls through surrogacy in June 2018.

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