While the idea of work from home may seem chill and relaxing, it can also be hard, you oftentimes find yourself staring at your beloved bed, aching to take that nap, and struggling to find motivation. Needless to say, you also get less creative with your everyday outfit ideas! A few days into social distancing and I find my self sitting in front of my laptop wearing the same PJs I wore the day before yesterday, with a tie and dye sweatshirt, sans accessories, which for the love of fashion I would typically not do.

Every girl enjoys playing dress-up. Heading to work and meetings, help you pick your outfit mood for the day, depending on what you have planned for the day. However, like most people, I find my enthusiasm for dressing up waning. Here I can’t help but wonder, what does one wear when the only humans who will be seeing you in the foreseeable future are the people you live with and your co-workers who see you only from the shoulders up.

So when there is no one to flaunt your outfit to anymore, how do we dress? Well, the answer is simple, dressing up is a form self-expression. While there may be no one to acknowledge your fabulous outfit, trying to look put-together and doing the whole jingbang (including cologne) can certainly help you retain a sense of normalcy and motivate you to get shit done.

Here are a few outfit ideas, that are just as comfortable as your PJs but still make you feel cute when social distancing.

Stripped co-ord set outfit idea

Mindy Kaling‘s striped pyjama set is a whole mood, its vibrant, bright and will certainly brighten up a dull work from home day!

Printed shorts & band tee

If there is one fashion item that will continue to be deemed trendy, it is band tees. Now, band tees can be dressed up or down to give any outfit a bit of an edge. Pair yours with a pair of animal printed shorts, to add a splash of print to enhance your outfit idea.

A classic t-shirt dress outfit idea

On days you are feeling extra low, get out of your sweats and tee rut and slip into a striped comfy dress. It will instantly lift your mood and spirit.

Organza top and silk PJs

A breakout trend we did not see coming—organza. While sheer was always in vogue, it was mostly done via chiffon, crochet and net. But this summer, the peek-a-boo trend is being embraced with organza. Paired with a pair of comfy silk pants, this makes for one comfortable and chic work from home outfit.

Drawstring and basic tee

If you have been ignoring your skirts, its time to pull them out. Take a break from athleisure give street-chic, a chance. Pull out your comfy, cotton drawstring skirt and pair it with a basic tee tucked in, to make them look more cinched and polished.

Add a cool layer

A simple way to elevate any outfit including PJs is to simply layer. Just add a lightweight denim or flannel shirt over your sweats or crop top.

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