It was only a few days ago that most countries around the world went under lockdown. Even though you may be bummed out about the lockdown, there’s someone who is ecstatic about the fact that you’ll be home all the time—your dog. The lockdown is a great time to spend more time with your furry companions. However, the lockdown also means that you can’t take your dog out of the house for his or her usual walks. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your pup gets enough exercise; otherwise, this lack of exercise will make your dog feel anxious and antsy.

I experienced this same situation with my dog. Even though he was excited that everyone from the family was home all the time, he was super agitated because he was missing his usual morning and evening walks. His behaviour started making me feel a little concerned, so I turned to someone who I can always count on—Malini’s Girl Tribe. I asked them what I can do to make sure that my dog gets enough exercise and here’s what they suggested:

1. Play Tug Or Fetch

If your dog doesn’t stay physically active, he or she can tend to get restless. So exercises, like playing tug and fetch, will not only keep you dog entertained but it will also tire them out physically. So grab your dog’s favourite chew toy and play a game of tug or fetch with them.

2. Treasure Hunt

A mini-game of treasure hunt will not only physically stimulate your dog, but it will also mentally stimulate them. So take a few pellets of their dog food and hide it around the house. This challenge will keep your dog busy for a while.

3. Do Laps On Your Terrace

A great thing about having a dog is that you are also forced to exercise along with them. So the next time you go to your building terrace for a break, take your dog along with you and run some laps.

4. Food-Puzzle Toys

There are toys out there that mentally challenge your dog using food. For example, I have a trick ball which involves putting pelettes of dog food in it, and your dog will have to figure out how to get them out. It will keep your dog busy for hours!

5. Teach Him A New Trick

Mental exercises are as important as physical exercises. So besides all the other physical activities, make sure you do activities with your dog, which mentally stimulates them as well. Teaching them a trick is a great way to stimulate them mentally.

These tricks will keep your pup happy and healthy!

Dog Exercise

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