Skin-Positive acne

As someone who has been dealing with acne for more than half of my life, I can safely say that is mentally exhausting. Even though it seems as if acne tends to affect only your physical appearance, the truth is it also affects your mental health. For years and years, I let myself value my worth on the basis of my physical appearance. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that having acne doesn’t make me ugly! It wasn’t until I got on social media that I realised that others have a hard time dealing with acne too. Thanks to a brave set of skin-positive individuals who shared their acne stories that I realised that we should love ourselves not matter how our physical appearance looks like. So if you’re in some need of skin-positivity, here are some people you should be following on Instagram:

1. Em Ford

I first came to know about Em Ford when her YouTube video called “You Look Disgusting” went viral. I was in tears, yet felt empowered after watching that video. Em’s constant efforts to redefine beauty standards has made me love her skin-positive content.

Here’s the video that changed the way I’ll look at acne forever:

2. Sofia Grahn

When I came across Sofia’s Instagram handle I was awe-inspired. I had never seen such a beautiful Instagram feed ever! Sofia posts gorgeous makeup looks and visuals. Besides that, she also gives updates on her isotretinoin course and is completely transparent about her journey.

3. Freethepimple

This is one of my favourite Instagram accounts. From shoutouts to comforting quotes, following this Instagram handle is like a warm virtual hug. If you want skin-positive content, then you have to go and follow them!

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