Exclusive: 'There Are A Lot Of Actors Who Can Do Action But Cannot Act' — Muzamil Ibrahim

Shravan Shah , 31 Mar 2020
Muzamil Ibrahim (Source: Instagram | @muzamilibrahim7)
Muzamil Ibrahim (Source: Instagram | @muzamilibrahim7)

When I say the name Muzamil Ibrahim, there are probably a lot of things that are going to come to your mind. He may have been your crush at some point in time, you might remember him as a supermodel, or you might have seen his pictures in one of those prestigious fashion magazines. There is so much more to him and yet, so little that I knew about him personally. Now thanks to quarantine times, I binge-watched Special OPS, and one of the characters who managed to impress me was Avinash.

Avinash‘s character in the series may have had limited screen time in comparison to certain others, yet left an impact on the viewers. Thus making us take note of Muzamil — the actor rediscovered. So many questions came to my mind. Where has he been? He was so good in the series, but why hasn’t he done more projects? Why did he have such a short role? I had to get in touch with him and I did exactly that.

I began with the obvious question about him being missing from the celluloid and he said,

When I was introduced back in 2007, I was 21 years old. I was in the fourth year of my college and I was introduced in the thickest of these bunch of star sons. Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh followed by Varun Dhawan and Neil Nitin Mukesh. I was already a successful model because I had started doing that when I was 18. I think at the age I was in 2007, I decided to play a very mature role in the film Dhoka. Later, I did Horn Ok Please. Then the problem that happened was that I couldn’t find my space between these people. There was no battling them in terms of their family background. It was difficult to compete with them because of their family names. My talent didn’t vanish, I started doing more auditions and got better with each one of them. I also started learning martial arts on Juhu beach. I want to put it out there that bohot mehnat lagti hai. I want to say this that there is more potential in a coffee shop in Lokhandwala right now than there is in the entire Bollywood industry. And I am saying it with all honesty. I really feel it.

He further added that while most of the top television shows were being offered, that wasn’t his love affair.

TV was in the offering for the longest time.  Most of the top telelvisoon shows were offered to me before it went on air. But it wasn’t a love affair because the content wasn’t there. I mean, I couldn’t go there and I can’t go somewhere where I am forced to do something. OTT coming in is just a refresher. It came in a little late in my scenario, because I made my debut so early. But I think it took its own time. It’s such a breath of fresh air for talent like me who were dying to prove themselves. They have the potential but not the platform to prove it. So it’s going to shake a lot of sand-castles.

Avinash is a sharpshooter and after you watch the series you feel like this character has been written just for him. What is synonymous between Avinash and Muzamil is their knack of hunting the target down.

Speaking about saying an instant yes to the script, Muzamil shared,

I had auditioned for the role and Shivam (Nair) Sir had already liked my work in Dhokha (2007). Then after a few days, I got a call around midnight saying I was on for it. Back then, Shivam sir had told me that he had something I can’t say no because it would benefit me in multiple ways. And there is nothing more that I wanted to hear. So I didn’t even read the script. I just asked how the character was and he replied saying that it was a great character and I instantly said yes.

Now that the show is getting so much love and so is his character, ask him about what surprises he has for his fans and he added,

There are still a lot of things happening which I will be certain about. So still got to let it all sink in. I don’t know what’s happening next. I am really positive that things will happen. I did put in a lot of hard work for this one and I am happy that it has paid off. I really want to be a part of an action thriller. I have that body to carry action, plus I feel I can act. There are a lot of actors who can do action but cannot act. But I feel I have the potential to do both. So I really want to explore the action genre more. I had done a very intense and emotional role and a comedy role as well that were not seen by many. But the ones who have seen it, the ones who have come to the premiers, they appreciated it. So in all, I feel I can pull off anything. But action is something I really want to do more.

I, for sure, was super impressed with Muzamil’s acting chops and I cannot wait to see him on the 70mm yet again.

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